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I just wanted to wish you and your family a happy and healthy new year!
I love your blog, my family and I hope to move to tokyo in a few years. Your blog has really helped me learn about the customs and lifestyles of our future home.


my in-laws have that same turntable thing for their o-sechi and the stackable round dish with a cover...

have a great week!


Everything looks grand...I didn't have my dose of New Years food as my mother is in Florida .....no excuses, I could have cooked for myself, but laziness prevailed.


Thank you Paula. I'm sure you'll be an expert by the time you get to Japan!

Kat, I love the New Years dishes, and the turntable is so sensible. It's such a shame they are only used once a year.

Carlyn, no big deal missing osechi. I doubt I'd have any urge to eat/cook it if I didn't visit the in-laws. People eat it because they HAVE to, not because they want to!

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